Welcome to the Zimbabwean homepage of the SARPAM Trade, TRIPS and Access to Medicines (TTAtM) project.

You will find the existing IP legislation on the legislation page.

Zimbabwe is the only SADC country that has utilized its powers to allow local manufacturers to make generic ARVs under a government use license.

The Zimbabwean Patents Act does not fully include all the TRIPS flexibilities. In 2013, the Government, UNDP and SARPAM therefore agreed on a concept note for a national workshop to strengthen the Patent Act.

A Lawyers meeting discussed how the Patent Act could be strengthened, and generated legal amendments to maximize access to essential medicines.

The National Workshop was held 22-23 January 2014 in Harare: see all presentations at the workshop page.

The national workshop supported the amendments in the Patent Bill, and asked a Technical Working Group to finalize the amendments. The TWG completed the work in November 2014 and submitted the amendments to the Ministry of Law.

Readers are welcome to respond to the issues at the Forum page.


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