Welcome to the Seychelles homepage of the SARPAM Trade, TRIPS and Access to Medicines (TTAtM) project.

You will find existing IP legislation on the legislation page.

Seychelles is acceding to WTO, and will after accession have to be TRIPS compliant.

On request of the Ministry of Health, SARPAM and UNDP organized a workshop to discuss the consequences for access to medicines: see the concept note. In preparation, SARPAM asked a legal consultant to write an analysis of the new IP Act in terms of Access to Medicines. SARPAM also organized a lawyers’ meeting and civil society briefing. All reports and presentations are at the Workshop page.

The workshop recommended that some aspects of the new IP Act be changed in the legal report. MOH will bring these recommendations to cabinet after the WTO accession.

Readers are welcome to respond to the issues at the Forum page.


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